Home Based Blood Tests to Improve your Lifestyle and Athletic Performance

PrimaSolutions Diagnostics offer a wide range of blood tests that are typically not performed within the National Health Service including performance hormones, advanced thyroid, Omega 3/6 ratio, Vitamin D and many more.

smart visuals with key information

Smart visuals

See your current readings and your personalised optimal levels for each biomarker from anywhere in the World, at any time.

science based solutions

Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

We provide you with scientifically backed advice to improve your overall lifestyle and athletic performance. Knowledge is powerful medicine.

Information to help you make important changes

Make actions and see trends over time

Take action and see your progress over time. See how important lifestyle changes can influence your whole body, inside and out.

How our blood tests work?

order the right package for you

Step One

Order the right package for you

Recive our free home based testing kit in the post

Step Two

Receive a home based testing kit

Take a small sample of blood from your finger

Step Three

Self sampling of your blood

collect the sample of blood in the tubes provided

Step Four

Return your sample in pre-paid envelope

Review your results on screen, i.e from your pc, laptop and mobile worldwide

Step Five

Review results in Smart visuals. Review lifestyle recommendations

Home based blood testing kit

Blood testing is the single most important tool to help improve your performance and / or ward off health problems. At PrimaSolutions Diagnostics we are able to analyse using a revolutionary home based blood testing kit different blood biomarkers, a measurable indicator of a biological state or condition, that can help us provide personalized, science-based, quality solutions for your optimal health or performance.

We offer a range of profiles / packages that can be ordered online without having to make a separate trip to a laboratory. Whether you are interested in your health or performance we have the profiles to suit you. Working with an accredited laboratory PrimaSolutions Diagnostics provides a high quality, service underpinned by quality, ease, simplicity and innovation.

How can PrimaSolutions Diagnostics help you?

The Sports Performance Benefits

If you want to...

Determine specific blood biomarker deficiencies limiting your athletic performance

Improve athletic performance, strength, speed, stamina…

See trends over time and adjust dietary intake accordingly

Identify key biomarkers of overtraining and or overreaching

The General Health Benefits

If you want to...

Get a picture of your overall health

Identify potential disease risks

Identify specific hormones slowing your weight loss goals

Improve sleep and general well-being