Revolutionary based blood testing service

Our mission: To assist individuals achieve their optimal health, well-being and / or performance, to provide high quality, easily accessible diagnostic services.

Who is PrimaSolutions Diagnostics?

Developed by a team of leading nutritionists, physiologists, sport and exercise scientists with over 100 years collective experience in their respective fields.

Scientifically Backed Advice

We provide you with scientifically backed advice to improve. Knowledge is a powerful medicine.

Aaccredited Laboratory

Working in conjunction with an accredited laboratory (Clinical Pathology Accreditation) with over 30 years’ experience of clinical testing.

Our Vision: To Become a Global Leader in Proactive health care and performance improvement.

Our Values: The Values Enshrined in Prima Solutions.

  Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to understand the blood test results?

A common misconception made by people is that blood tests are difficult to read and are written in a code that only doctors can understand. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to PrimaSolutions. Your results are displayed in smart visuals that can be read easily. You can review your data in easily accessible forms anywhere and at any time.

Why doesn't the GP offer the blood tests that are proposed?

Time and cost basically. We offer diagnostic tests that are generally not performed within the National Health Service, including performance hormones, advanced thyroid, Omega 3/6 ratio, Vitamin D and many more. Our aim is to proactively engage our clients with their current inner body status and to make informed decisions about important nutritional and lifestyle choices. Our focus is to manage and optimise health and/or performance before problems arise, being proactive rather than reactive.

Are the PrimaSolutions blood tests 100% accurate?

To promote confidence in laboratory results and to assure the quality of the data generated, an accredited laboratory (Clinical Pathology Accreditation) is used with over 30 years’ experience of clinical testing.

Will it be necessary to fast, (not eat or drink for an 8 hour period) before taking the blood sample?

Yes. If you don’t fast, or fast for a shorter time than prescribed, your results could prove to be inaccurate. Patients who achieve accurate results usually take their blood samples in the morning before breakfast. It is recommended that you drink water.

What about orders from outside the United Kingdom?

At the present time requests can be carried out in the United Kingdom with impending global expansion.

Which tests are relevant for me?

It depends on your goals, family history of medical problems, health or performance concerns, your age and sport. We advise you to read through our profile packages carefully to make an informed decision as to which will meet your needs.

Would it be necessary to have another blood test in the future?

No, but patients can carry out follow up tests to determine if their medication, nutrition or lifestyle changes have made a difference to specific biomarkers. It usually takes 10-12 weeks before you can see a significant change in the blood biomarkers.Retesting is easy when you don’t need a doctor’s appointment or referral.

Can your dietary recommendations genuinely improve my health or illness?

The biomarkers we assess can be influenced by nutritional and lifestyle changes. Optimal management specific biomarkers of your health and performance often require a broad-based approach including lifestyle modification, nutritional components and regular self-monitoring. We provide you with scientifically backed advice to improve. Knowledge is a powerful medicine. Nevertheless, always seek the advice of your doctor for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Why is my personal information needed?

The information helps us to personalise your recommendations and is strictly confidential.

What these people have to say about PrimaSolutions Diagnostics!

Mr and Mrs Roberts, Leeds, United Kingdom

We didn't have to waste precious time at the doctors, no waiting forever for results with either no action or more waiting!

Mr and Mrs Roberts

Leeds, United Kingdom

Dr Colin Sanctuary Head of Physical Development, Newcastle Knights, Australia

With the improvements in technology, for example, blood biomarker monitoring can provide vital information regarding the health status of a player.

Dr Colin Sanctuary Head of Physical Development

Newcastle Knights, Australia

Picture of Jamie Bell

We were able to correct players who were deficient in key micronutrients with simple changes to diet and supplementation.

Jamie Bell York City Knight, 1 st Team Coach

Castleford Tigers Academy Coach

Ben Lister, Mixed Martial Artist

Knowing what’s happening inside my body and how it responds to training 14 times per week is key to peak performance.

Ben Lister

Mixed Martial Artist

Picture of Mark Applegarth, Former Wakefield Wildcats 1 st player

It amazes me that athletes spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on supplements and gym memberships without even knowing their blood status.

Mark Applegarth

Former Wakefield Wildcats 1 st player

Lucy Robinson, Female Endurance Runner

As an endurance runner one of the most important blood measurements to get is iron status.

Lucy Robinson

Female Endurance Runner

Sean Glover, Former National Champion Weightlifter 85kg class

The results enabled me to make vital changes to the training load and volume; without such data I doubt I would have been able to achieve the level I did.

Sean Glover

Former National Champion Weightlifter 85kg class

Mike Goude, Extreme Mountain Climber

The blood test results showed that I had a low red and white blood cell count.

Mike Goude

Extreme Mountain Climber